insanity mistaken for brilliance (cuntgirl) wrote in the_rats_nest,
insanity mistaken for brilliance

Litter box set up questions


My little guy is driving me nuts! A friend thought it would be nice to "surprise" me with one she bought at a store I would never give my money to. He was scared of everything; noise, darkness, bright lights, sudden movements, sneezing, etc. We lived in an old building with loud neighbors. I finally moved and he's been doing a lot better socially. Now that he finally is willing to spend time out from under the newspaper walls he (finally!) stopped setting up I am trying to see if he may be willing to use a litter box. I've tried various sizes of plastic containers in the past, he keeps taking the boxes, emptying them and using them to hide his food.

I am trying to build a grotto style cage for the little guy to help him be a bit more social and visible now that he seems more interested in seeing us and letting us see him, but I need to get him litter trained first.

What kind of containers do you use for litter boxes? I debated gluing the container to a piece of wood, but I worry he'll still manage to flip it and hurt himself, or that he might eat the glue, or that the wood might be bad for him (either ingested or getting moldy). I also wondered about trying to attach the litter box to his cage, but worry he might chew on the wire or pin himself between it trying to move it.

Any suggestions/advice would be most helpful, I wore out the patience of the only rodent owner/trainer I know while trying to ask about the ideal height for a water bottle and she snapped at me, "just make sure the cage is clean and he's got fresh water and food"
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