Rachel (_awful) wrote in the_rats_nest,

Home needed for 2 rats in the Tampa, Fl area!

My roommate had to move out of state with very little notice, and she didn't have time to find a new home for her 2 rats Loki and Muffin before she left. I've had rats many, many times, so I don't have a problem taking care of them until I can find them a good home, but I also just plain don't have the time or money to give them the attention and care they deserve.

I've tried to find homes for them with no luck whatsoever. The humane society doesn't take rats because they don't adopt out quickly. Nobody I know can take them. I tried posting them on sites like craigslist, saying there was a $15 adoption fee so I could be sure they wouldn't be used as feeders, no luck there either. I've even tried to find some sort of family-run pet shop that would sell them as pets only, but couldn't find one.

They're both approx. 6-7 months old, brown&white males, and very, very sweet. They've been with my roommate and me since they were babies. They are well socialized, both a bit timid when being taken out of the cage, but are completely fine and content once they've been out for a minute or two. They have never had any health issues, and they're quite energetic.

I really could use some help, they're such little sweethearts, I just wouldn't have it in me to give them to a home where they might be mistreated or used as feeders. I was completely out of ideas until I remembered all the communities I was still in from back when I still had ratties of my own, so this is sort of my last option.

I live in Clearwater, FL, about 20 minutes outside of Tampa. I could drive up to about an hour/hour & a half to meet someone halfway, if needed. The cage can go with them, although the one they are in now is not really big enough for them. The cage they were in was nice and roomy but it was just falling apart so they had to transfer over into one of our spare cages.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
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