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I'm not sure how all of you will take this, or if it's allowed, but I wanted to leave the link to my new Rattery i've been putting together! It's incredibly small and my prices are still $10 per rattie, unless you want me to deliver, or meet halfway. <--- Tell me what you think!^^

Also: I still have my two female hooded & 2 male black berkshire (one with a black spot on his tummy). They're adorable and looking for homes! Three of them have already found homes!

And lastly, I have some photos as well as IMPORTANT QUESTIONS underneath the cut!

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This is Ben peeking his head out from the cage. It's amusing that after feeding them treats after opening the cage repeatedly, they learn "Hey! The doors open! FOOD!"

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Benjamin has a big face. I love him. He's my big baby!

Image hosted by
Holly & Tinkerbell (The mama of the black babies available for adoption!)

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Can anyone help me decide what color Holly is? She's an agouti and her parents were both blues, but she doesn't look like a blue, herself.

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These are the two girls. Holly & Zoey. I'll probably make this it's own post, but after becoming incredibly worried about the high whites, what do you think about Zoey (The odd-eyed variated)? Do you think there could be a safe chance if she was bred with a regular berkshire dumbo?

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Dot, my baby girl and Zoey! Another question about highwhites. Dot's mother was a brown agouti and her father was a hairless. Would that mean if she was bred her babies would have a higher chance of NOT developing MC (megacolon)? I'm unsure because she doesn't have the trademark dalmation spot behind her ear.

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This is Quinn, Dot's brother from another father (unknown because we didn't own the mother at the time). He DOES have the mark behind his ear, so that leads me to believe he won't, or will have a higher chance NOT, have MC babies.

Sorry for rambling! Any help would be AWESOME!
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