withx__xpassion (withx__xpassion) wrote in the_rats_nest,

anyone in the North Carolina peidmont area want a gorgeous full grown healthy female?

i own 3 rats of my own all sweet loving boys. I also work at a pet store where im raising 3 adorable baby boys (2 dumbos, 1 standard hooded) i think of them as my own little boys too.
anyways someone surenderd a beautiful female. i want to take her but i only keep boys, plus im pushed for space. Shes very nice, loves to be handled, and gives kisses. Shes is a standard ear agouti with a little bit of red mixed in with her fur, plus white socks.
when she goes out for adoption she'll probablly go for $2.00, and i want her to go to a good home and not end up as snake food.

ill have a pic. of her tmw....but yeah shes a wonderful rat and would be a great addition to someones ratties family.
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