withx__xpassion (withx__xpassion) wrote in the_rats_nest,

im trying to find a good home for a male rat



His name is Casey. Hes pretty much wonderful! I love him to death, but my parents are making me find a few of my rats homes. Im in North Carolina and can provide transportation for him.

Hes never had any troubles with myco/ any illness. I use recycled newspaper bedding (called cell-sorb). Hes litter box trained. Has a very good temperment around other people. Very sweet. Hes never bitten any one. Hes fed lab blocks with dehydrated veggies mixed in. He also gets fresh veggies and other foods everyday.

Im supposed to have him out by the end of the week, but i can probably keep him a little bit longer if need be.

please comment or email me at: superfish1989@yahoo.com or aim: xOH golly

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