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Joinin' another rattie community..

Hey, i'm jenna. I'm pretty new to having rats but i love them to bits already :) Just trying to get as many different places to absorb rattie info and check out all the cute pics ;)

I've got two boys, a gray mismarked hooded and a veriberk (or so i think he is, actually if someone could tell me what he is for sure that'd be awesome :) named Thomas and Christopher.
They were born April 17th, 2006, adopted from a lady who had brought home a female not knowing she was preggars. There were 6, she was able to keep the 2 females, i got my guys but unfortunately the two remaining boys ended up at a pet store and sold even tho we tried to take them back cuz i'd found a home for them after their only being at the pet store for 1 day.. :( (I hope they ended up in good homes!)
She and i are still in contact and i even take them out once in a while to visit their mom and sisters :) (Under VERY close supervision of course lol.. No one's fixed.) She didn't want to give them up either but she already has 6 rats and her husband didn't want anymore in the house.
I also have two girl meeces, a cat and a fish. I'll post a couple pics of the meece cuz they're still rodents, at least..

Ok.. HUGE PHOTO SPAM!! lol.. Just a few ..

I'm not in any of them tho, all the ppl with the ratties are my friends.. I'll have to get some of the ones with them and me up sometime..

Because they were born with the lady i got them from i actually got sent baby pics!
K, donno if it's one of my boys stuck under there.. But i love this photo. That's their mamma Tinker and one of them's little feets in the air.

Still pink..


Looking like puppies.. The one with the lightning bolt-y blaze is harry and then one of the gray ones is Jerry. I can't remember the girl's names.



Peanut and Pirate my meece (The girls, peanuts the agouti one and pirates the black broken one

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