j (twice_removed) wrote in the_rats_nest,

More pics..

I actually had some pictures taken with ME and my rats instead everyone else i know/meet/run into on the street and my rats lol..
My bf took them and then i edited them cuz ratties are small and run about so a lot needed to be cropped and lightened and crap.. They're mostly only of tom tho cuz christopher was being hyper and shy.

Notice the sexy, sexy rattie claw scratches all over my neck and down my shirt..

Rattie in the grass pics! I'm really dissapointed the i didn't get any of Tom bounding like a deer.. They were all fuzzy. Christopher crawls. Tom BOUNDS.

I should remind myself to maybe shower BEFORE i end up having a bunch of pictures taken of myself..

The ratties are cute neways ;) (xposted.. sorry if you see this more than once)
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