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Rat Care Guide

OK, so i know this is SO long but ever since i got my rats so many people have been asking me about them and have been interested in getting some of their own. So.. I figured i'd make a guide that was easy to follow and something to hand to pet stores even and potential rat owners who mean well but don't have a clue. I've been working on this for awhile and have learned a lot in the process. If anyone could read through it andsee if there's anything that doesn't seem correct or that i should add that would be amazing. Otherwise, for anyone who's a new rat owner and wants all the info in one place.. There ya go :) Also, if you're neither, scroll to the bottom and read the'neat random facts' section. I learned a lot writing that myself!
Thnx again.

(ignore the crappy formatting ;) I promise it's actually all well laid out in the words document i have it in.)

Here it is!

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