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the_rats_nest's Journal

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This community is for the lovers and owners of little rat feinds and place to talk about anything ratty. We welcome responsible carers, owners and breeders to share stories and information.
If you are considering having a rat as a pet please read the Rat Information Packet created by darksong17
For the benefit of the kiddies this community is pg+13

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  • no spam post, they make me scream.
  • Large pictures behind lj-cut or they'll be deleted, think of our dial-up friends
  • Post about ratties, questions, updates, news, anything to do with rats
  • Posts about mice/hamsters/rabbits are allowed, as long it is not a constant thread of off-topic posts.
  • We DO NOT promote irresponsible pet care or breeding in this community.
  • Be considerate of the opinions of others in this comm, you don't have to agree or like what they're saying but please respect members
  • Got a problem? take it up with the moderator = __enthusiasm
failure to follow these rules may result in banning

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